Wine Harvest Tips

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Wine harvest season is an almost magical time of the year in Napa Valley. It is especially important to plan ahead for this time of year and reserve your Napa Valley hotel room package as soon as possible. That way you have more choices. This is a popular time of year, so many people are making their reservations well ahead of time. Use that tip and the ones below to get the most out of harvest season in Napa Valley.

Create an Itinerary

There is plenty to do in Napa Valley all year long, so you could take a trip there and enjoy yourself. But harvest season also includes some fun and unique activities related to the harvest itself. If you plan to get on board with those things, take the time to make an itinerary so you know exactly what you are doing from one day to the next. Otherwise, you might miss out on an experience that you really wanted to participate in.

Plan for Traffic

This is one of the busiest times of year in the valley, so there is more traffic than usual. It isn’t New York City traffic jam level of traffic, but it can still cause delays if you don’t plan ahead. You can do this by picking a hotel that is close to the venues you want to experience or one that offers scheduled transportation so you don’t have to drive at all. There might also be days when you just want to sit back in your hotel room and enjoy the view while relaxing with a glass of wine and not dealing with the traffic at all. Be sure to consider this when you select your hotel room so you get a room with a great view of the landscape instead of the traffic.

Prepare Your Palate

If you are a smoker, now is a great time to stop. Harvest season includes being able to taste the grapes fresh from the vine. They are sweeter than the ones you eat at home and you don’t want anything to ruin that experience. Consider using lighter perfumes and deodorants so they don’t encumber your ability to immerse your palate in all of the sensations you are about to experience.

Using some of the tips above will help you fully enjoy your visit to wine country during the harvest season. And it isn’t just your mouth that is going to be amazed. The landscape itself is a treat for your eyes.

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