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The rolling hills in Napa Valley are home to tidy vineyards that sit in neat, pretty little rows, generating grapes for some of the best wine in the world. Despite its reputation for wine, Napa isn’t only wine country — it’s much more than that right under the surface. People only use 9 percent of the valley to grow grapes. Head just outside the vineyards and you’ll stumble upon a smorgasbord of parks and nature attractions to soothe your spirit.

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

The Wappo Indians settled in this area and it became a state park only in 1964. It’s a popular destination for visitors who relish horseback riding, picnicking, camping, and hiking. Sugarloaf Ridge features 25 miles of trails that wind their way through a diverse array of wildflowers and trees, and is accessible from many of the local hotels.

Jack London State Historic Park

Jack London Historic State Park is named after the writer of White Fang, Jack London. Situated just  20 miles north from downtown Sonoma, the park makes the perfect destination for hiking and adventures of your own when visiting Napa. Back in 1905, Mr. London inhabited a stone cottage in the park where he embarked on the busiest writing period of his life. It was there in Jack London State Historic Park that he penned both the Call of the Wild and White Fang.

Salt Point State Park

Salt Point gives its visitors the complete experience of the beautiful Sonoma Coast. Picture dramatic bluffs towering over crashing waves and sandy beach coves that are home to furry critters and flocks of birds. There’s even a pygmy forest on the ridge above it. Come for hiking, picnics, or even camping nearby and enjoy the blissful summer sun.

Sonoma Coast State Beach

This is a 17 mile stretch of beach that might just be the most picturesque beach in all of California. It’s important and beautiful thanks to its secluded coves and rugged crags. From Bodega Head to Russian River, the cliffs offer visitors photo opportunities of things like natural arches, headlands, reefs, and tidal pools.

Stillwater Cove Regional Park

Stillwater Cove gives visitors the chance to take advantage of the Sonoma shore because of its easy access to the beach, diving in clear water, fishing, tidal pooling, and hand launch boat access. You’ll also discover easy-to-access areas for camping on site as well as outdoor restrooms.

Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve

Jenner is just 20 miles south of this nature reserve, making it easy to access on day trips. Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve covers 300 acres of land chock full of flora including rhododendrons, wild flowers, ferns, firs and tanoaks. Enjoy 5 miles of gorgeous trails as you traverse its picturesque terrain.

Inspired yet? If you’re already falling in love with the idea of visiting, here’s a bit of good news: it’s easy to make reservations in advance. Call Napa Valley Hotel & Suites and plan your trip today.