Wine Country Tours – A Different Way to See Napa

Exploring wine country on its own is an adventure in itself. But experiencing it by Jeep or in a private wine tour makes it that much more of a memorable vacation. While there are plenty of tours to choose from, including the wine train, some wine tours stand out. These excursions help you see wine country in a completely different light – and give you a true taste of Napa.

If you are visiting Napa Valley this Spring, try one of these fun wine country tours:

  • Open Air Jeep Tours – Go to the award-winning wineries of Napa Valley and tour the vineyards in your private Jeep. You will get to explore the regions in a way that the bus tours cannot provide and the tours can be customized to your comfort level.
  • Platypus Wine Tours – Go on a tour with the wine country experts at Platypus Wine Tours and you will learn everything there is to know about Napa, wine, and more. They offer join-in and private tours daily and when your tour is over, you will feel as though you are a wine expert!
  • Beau Tours – Head out on a private wine tasting tour with Beau Tours. This luxury, private experience is customized to your needs and you can even design your own tour itinerary. Enjoy some Napa fine dining on your way to exclusive tasting rooms, and your concierge tour guide can arrange food and wine pairings at your request.

Experience Napa in an entirely different way with a unique wine country tour. It will create an unforgettable experience and expose you to the many aspects of Napa that are not on your average tour.

Relax after a day of excursions at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. Our boutique hotel is close to local attractions and wineries and it is the ideal oasis after a long day in wine country. Book your stay now.

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