Wine Bottle Crafts for Halloween. Let's Get Spooky!

Need a perfect centerpiece for your Halloween party? Or what about a fun gift to bring to a fall get together? If you like wine, then we have the perfect idea for you that involves wine bottles – and you don’t need to be a savvy craftsperson either! Plus, this mini project will give you one more reason to drink more wine! If you’re looking for some of the best wines on the planet, remember that many of Napa Valley wineries ship to consumers.

Let’s get started.

Vampire and Ghost

Remove the labels from empty bottles of wine by soaking them in soap and water or using Goo Gone. Using black and white paint pens, draw the faces of ghosts or vampires onto the bottles. Simple, but they look very cute! And, you may dress them up any way you wish using goodies from your nearest craft shop.


Remove the label from an empty green wine bottle using the method above. Wrap blue painter’s tape around the bottle, leaving the neck exposed. Draw a jack-o-lantern face (something that is easy to cut out), such as triangle eyes and a mouth. Cut along the markings using an X-Acto knife. Peel off the tape so that all that remains is the jack-o-lantern’s face. Spray paint the base orange, and when dry, remove the tape. Spooky and fun!


This one is easy, and it turns out adorable. Remove the label from a green wine bottle and paint the neck of the wine bottle using black paint or spray paint. Paint the entire neck and down to where the bottle starts to curve. To make the hat, cut out a circle on cardstock (about 8 inches) and cut out the middle so that the hat could be slid down around the neck of the bottle. Spray paint any exposed areas, and draw a witch face on the bottle using a permanent marker.


Using several wine bottles, remove the labels and add scary faces using white paint or white spray paint. Add candlesticks to each one and light them in a safe area. Never leave them unattended. For a soft, safe glow, choose battery-powered, flameless candlesticks.


Remove the labels from several bottles of red wine and hold onto the corks since you’ll be leaving the red wine intact. Use a fine-tipped white pen to draw spiderwebs that will look amazing against the dark, red wine. This is a great idea to bring to a Halloween party!

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