Why Visit Napa Valley in the Summer

Any season is a great time to visit Napa Valley, but there’s something about the summer that makes it the perfect travel destination. The grapes are grown and mature, the weather is warm and there are events going on almost every day. To put it lightly, there’s never a dull moment in Napa Valley during the summertime.

Don’t be left out of the fun this year. Find a reason to visit Wine Country and enjoy your summer!

Glorious Geography

The geography in Napa Valley is exquisite, and it’s brought to life during the summer when the trees are full, the vines are mature and exotic plants and flowers are popping up in all corners of the valley. There are mountains on both sides of the region, and the valley stretches 35 miles. The Napa River bisects the valley, and gentle rolling hills complete the picture of paradise.

Wonderful Wines

There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that flourish in the Napa region, and grapes are one of them. The warm, dry climate is ideal for growing grapes, and there is an expanse of land that is tucked away for wineries to create their home. An extensive selection of wines can be discovered in Napa Valley, and each winery brings something unique to the table.

Lovely Locals

It’s no secret that Napa Valley thrives off the tourism that comes to the region, but the locals are quite nice, too! The locals can fill you in on some of the best wineries and restaurants to visit, plus let you know of less-touristy places that will give you a more intimate experience. So, while it’s great to interact with other visitors, don’t be afraid to ask the locals some questions, too. You’ll surely see them out during the summer.

Adventurous Activities

Even though many people spend their days eating and drinking wine when visiting the region, there are many activities that can be enjoyed, especially in the summer. Bike riding, skydiving, fishing and hiking are some of the many activities that travelers can enjoy on a daily basis. And, hot balloon rides are always a treat for the adventurous!

Delightful Deals

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you won’t find great deals on hotel packages. Hotels like Napa Valley Hotel and Suites has some of the best deals around, as well as packages for visitors who want the biggest bang for their buck when taking the Wine Train or going ballooning over the valley. Check them out today!

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