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Why Not Drink Your Napa Valley Wines Instead of Storing Them?

You make it to wine country, pick up a few bottles, and plan to store some at home for the long year. While there is nothing wrong with a bottle or two in the pantry, Napa wines are better served up not too long after they are purchased.

Reasons to Indulge Now and Not Store it for Later

Instead of storing your Napa wines, here are a few reasons to drink them now rather than later:

  • Temperature Control and Storage: At home, it is unlikely that you have a wine cellar or a perfectly controlled storage room for those bottles of wine. The longer they sit in a temperature that is unsuitable, the more likely they are to lose that robust flavor. In additions, you will find that the tannins release and become too acidic, and the signature flavors lose their gusto. The same goes for Wines need absolute control when it comes to humidity, or the dampness can force the cork to expand and seal so that oxygen does not properly flow.
  • Wine Gets Moved Around Too Much: From the trip home to be pushed aside in the pantry, the more vibrations and movements your wine experience, the more it ages, but also loses flavor and aroma. Red wines have sediments that disperse as they move around, and those sediments alter the character.
  • Isolation: Corks absorb the smells and flavors around them, and they eventually seep into your wine, altering the taste
  • Storing for Too Long: Wines cannot be stored Sparkling wines, including champagnes, start to lose their spunk after nine months, lasting a year at the maximum. Red wines can save for up to two years and possibly longer, but only if you have a temperature-controlled wine cellar. White wines, with a wine cellar, last two to three years. However, because most people do not have a professional-grade wine cellar, they can expect only a few months before their wines change.

Drink your wines, bring a bottle home to consume in the next month, and then book your next stay at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites to pick up more excellent wine country wares.

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