Why Napa Isn’t Just for Sweethearts

The Napa Valley and wine…it’s sort of irrevocably associated with romance and sweethearts, isn’t it? While it’s absolutely true that the Valley is the perfect destination for couples, it’s far from only suitable for that type of scenario. Truthfully, it’s a pretty sensational place to visit for just about anyone — families, groups of friends, lone adventurers, kids, you name it. If you’ve been mulling over where to go this spring, discover exactly what makes Napa so diverse before you make your decision. We think you’ll find it’s just as wonderful here as it is in virtually any other destination.

The Most Incredible Outdoor Adventures

From great state parks to some of the most incredible swimming spots inland of the Pacific Coast, the Napa Valley is an incredible destination for people who love the great outdoors. The beautiful Napa River flows gently through our downtown core, meandering through endless vineyards, fields, meadows, and hills. It’s the perfect place to get out for a hike, take a hot air balloon ride, or even jump out of an airplane.

Sweet Experiences for Solo Travelers

You don’t have to bring a friend to enjoy all of Napa’s beautiful experiences. In fact, the town is so suitable for singles, we’ve even created an entire page to help you find activities when you come. Start with a stop at the Welcome Center, and then explore the downtown core as you indulge in a bit of shopping and sweet treats. Then, book a tour at one of our many local wineries and dig deep into Napa’s history. Alone, you have as much time as you desire to explore, change your plans on a whim, or even focus on the element of the Valley you love the most.

Sublime Shopping Experiences

We mentioned shopping, but did you know that Napa doesn’t just have the basics? The Valley is home to some of the most sensational boutiques and specialty stores in California (okay, we might be biased, but just a little).

Indulge yourself with a little jewelry from Creations Fine Jewelry and commemorate your visit. Or, stop by Betty’s Girl Boutique for unique vintage fashions you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also the beloved Oxbow Farmers Market, several larger outlet stores, Kate Spade, American Eagle, and Overland Sheepskin Co. for all things leather or fur. Whatever your shopper’s heart desires, you’ll find it here.

Feeling excited? We are, too! Book your accommodations now with Napa Valley Hotel & Suites to find out just how accessible Napa is for non-standard visitors. We’re always pleased to have you stay.

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