Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Napa

The city of Napa is well-known for its fabulous wines, but when you visit, you want to make sure you are pairing your favorite vintage with healthy, locally-sourced food.  Fortunately, Napa Valley just happens to be one of the very best places to find nutritious vegan fare – all of which are prepared with the same high level of care given to your favorite bottle of cabernet sovereign or merlot from the Valley. When you come, stop by at these vegan friendly places and enjoy the foodie side of Napa, too.

Aroma Indian Cuisine

If you are in the mood for for authentic Indian food, Aroma Indian Cuisine is where you want to be. This restaurant will amaze you: flavourful curry dishes, great ambiance, and wonderful staff make it a truly special place to dine. Aroma offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, but also serves up non-vegan food, making it a true hit regardless of diet choices. At just $14, their lunch buffet is your best way to indulge in a bit of authentic gourmet fare. Don’t be fooled by the location; just because it’s not in India, doesn’t mean it isn’t incredible.

Mango on Main

Located in the heart of Napa, Mango on the Main offers an assortment of vegetarian plates to tempt the taste buds of every plant-eating visitor. Offering up a decidedly contemporary assortment of Thai classics, this place is a must-stop for anyone looking for a delicious and authentic, yet unique, Pad Thai experience. With it’s fantastic food, staff, and gluten-free options, this is one vegan-friendly restaurant you don’t want to miss.

Heritage Eats

Heritage Eats brings  a variety of dishes from around the world and offers some of Napa’s most delicious world fusion menu options – including Jamaican and Thai food! Best of all, they let you change almost any meal into a salad or rice bowl with just a quick request at ordering.  Come on consecutive days; just mix it up for a brand-new experience each time. Don’t miss out on the Crispy Falafel Pita and Garlic Hummus!

Napa Farmers Market

A trip to the Napa Valley Farmer’s Market is always a must, especially for vegan aficionados. This is where the true heart of Napa really shines. Open every Tuesday and Saturday from April to November, the market has an ever expanding variety of fresh and seasonal California grown fruits and vegetables. Most, albeit not all, selections are organic, and many are non-GMO, too, giving you the power to choose as per your preferences. With an evolving amount of vegan-friendly vendors, the Napa Farmers Market also serves up vegan milk chocolate and vegan sorbet for a delightful mid-morning treat.

Napa Valley is all about fresh, ready-made, hand-grown goodness, right from the grapes we make our wines with to the food we put on our tables. Spend a weekend or week with Napa Valley Hotels & Suites and fall in love with everything the Valley has to offer. There’s a little something here for even the most discriminating, strict vegan eater.


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