Vacation Checklist to Prepare You for Fun in Napa Valley!

Before you pack your bags for your exciting getaway to Napa Valley, consider some of the necessities you’ll need to make this trip even better! Napa Valley is best seen on foot so throw a few extra important items in your travel bag:

  • Good walking shoes—avoid wearing new shoes for your trip—bring your favorite, broken in, athletic shoes.
  • Camera—capture the sights and memories from your visit.
  • Hat and sunglasses—although we experience mild weather in Napa Valley, protect your face and eyes from direct sun exposure.
  • Water—you’ll be seeing and walking a lot—keep yourself well hydrated!
  • Small first aid kit—band aids, bug spray and hand sanitizer are just a few items you don’t want to be running around to buy last minute.
  • Spending money—from artful jewelry to the perfect souvenir…be prepared in case you find that perfect piece.
  • A recyclable carry bag—you’ll be picking up items along the way!

If you are unsure about what else to bring, ask the friendly staff at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites.  Our trained hospitality hosts can assist you with packing hints and ideas to enhance your visit to Napa wine country. 

Call Napa Valley Hotel and Suites for more information about our affordable, comfortable accommodations and special Napa Travel packages. Contact us at 707-226-1871 today!

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