Napa Valley Grape Harvest Season

Trends in Napa Valley Grape Production

It may come as a surprise to some but trends come and go in grape production just as they do in fashion. From weather changes to groundwater, vineyards throughout wine country have to readjust their growing techniques, but also adapt to new technology. Despite what Mother Nature throws at them, winemakers are always optimistic about the industry, and they come up with innovative ways to maximize their crops.

Here are a few trends in grape production, including the good and the bad:

  • Smaller Crop Sizes: Lower-than-average crop yields were harvested in 2018, just as they were for 2017. While the area does get rainfall, the drought in California is persistent, which makes it difficult for wineries to get a good size production.
  • Biodynamic Bottles will Make an Appearance: It is not just about the grapes, but where those grapes wind up that matters. More wineries in Napa Valley will look into organic, biodynamic bottles with more natural wines. That means more instances of winemaking itself and using a holistic approach to wine production.
  • More Foreign Wine Production: While wine country has had a few setbacks, including the fires in mid-2018, foreign wines will be a predominant fixture in 2019 while vintners aim to bounce back after drought, fires, and rebuilding their crops. However, this does not mean that the wineries will be sparse during harvest season; after all, wine takes years to age and there are plenty of wines in cellars throughout Napa ready to debut in 2019.

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