Tired of Wine? Other Napa Tastings to Explore

When the word “Napa” is mentioned, it’s almost always in the context of wine. Yet there really is more to Napa than just wine. Many people come there and don’t drink alcoholic beverages at all or have no interest in wine, but do have an interest in exploring the area. Thankfully, other than wine and the glorious scenery, Napa has quite a bit to offer.


Napa Valley Distillery


If wine isn’t your thing, maybe you prefer spirits. The Napa Valley Distillery can offer you a spirited taste of something made right there. How about some fresh distilled gin to top your night off? Even if you don’t like to drink, you can always come out and enjoy the family atmosphere.


Tasting Bar


Spice Island Marketplace in St. Helena hosts a tasting bar that can delight your palate with just about anything. Let them know what makes your tastebuds come to life as you savor rich cheeses, flavored olive oils, charcuterie, artisan chocolate and so much more. If you seek to offer your tastebuds a bit of variety, this is definitely the place to do it.


Napa Smith Brewery


Are you looking for another type of beverage with a bit of a kick to it? Why not visit the Napa Smith Brewery and sample some of the robust brews that have recently been made? Even if you do like wine, don’t overlook the potential that a hearty ale or delicate amber can bring to the table.


Oxbow Public Market


It may not be set up specifically for taste testing, but the Oxbow Public Market still has a lot to offer. Local vendors offer their wares for you to sample and purchase. If nothing else, it’s a great way to connect with the local culture as you get a bit of shopping done.


Perhaps you don’t want to ingest anything at all. Many people rent hotels rooms in Napa just to get away and enjoy the atmosphere. There are things to do that don’t involve tasting at all, though you might consider a trip on the Wine Train just to take in the view and have the option of drinking a bit of wine at the same time. You can also visit the Napa Valley Opera House or even take in the scenery in a whole other way by seeing it from the sky. Napa hot air balloon rides can offer some of the most breathtaking views in Napa.


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