Three Weird and Wonderful Experiences to Enjoy in Napa This Spring

Ah, Napa Valley…how we love you so. From the gently rolling hills to the canyons and even the people, the Valley is especially beautiful in spring. To help you find your way on your next visit, we put together this list of weird and wonderful springtime experiences.

Jack London’s Wolf House

Tucked away on London Ranch Road in Glen Ellen, California, sits the now-old home of famous writer Jack London. Anyone who read “Call of the Wild” as a child knows exactly who London is; it’s considered one of the most iconic great American novels in history.

London’s creativity and wild spirit is very obvious in the grounds and the architecture itself. Complex brickwork and redwood features give the now-crumbling house a wild and free feeling, but that ruin didn’t come with age.

Instead, the sad story of the Wolf House comes from a fire that broke out just after London had the place built in 1911. Before he and his wife, Charmian, could spend any time in it, it caught fire, devastating the structure. London intended to rebuild, but passed away before he could make the project happen.

Obtainium Works

Fancy yourself a steampunk lover or art aficionado with a love for all things quirky? Put Obtainium Works on your list of places to visit. Located at 510 Pennsylvania Street, Vallejo, California, just a 12-minute drive from the southern border of of the Napa Valley, it’s well within driving distance for day trips.

Obtainium Works is a bit hard to pin down. It’s not quite an art museum, but it isn’t a studio, theatre, or just an artsy-fartsy gathering spot, either. Instead, it’s all of these things in one – and depending on when you go, you just might get an insider look at all of the above.

What makes Obtainium Works so famous is the fact that they create a significant number of sculptures and art installations for the Burning Man party every single year. Their incredible contraptions and vehicles are both a work of art and a marvel of engineering. See them for yourself when you visit, or stop by for a play.

BottleRock Music Festival

We would be amiss if we didn’t mention this one at least once! Napa’s yearly BottleRock festival takes place Friday, May 25th, and is the region’s biggest yearly music and wine festival. This year’s music includes legends like Bruno Mars, Muse, and The Killers, with a side helping of big names like Billy Idol, Spearhead, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Thievery Corporation, and even rapper Snoop Dogg.

BottleRock might not be Coachella, but it’s pretty darn close. Whether you’re an old-school hippie from the 60s or just old enough to sip on wine for the first time this year, it’s still a highly recommended experience. Come for the week and make BottleRock your destination while you explore the rest of the Valley!

Feeling excited and ready to pack? Before you head out the door, call and book accomodations with Napa Valley Hotels and Suites. We can’t wait to help you make your spring adventure fun!


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