Three Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in the Napa Valley


Thanksgiving in Napa Valley – wine, relaxation and quality time spent with friends. The Napa Valley is beautiful all year round, but autumn and especially Thanksgiving are uniquely so because the leaves are changing. Even wheat fields begin to take on their own dandelion yellow shade. Considering a vacation this year? Discover why you should give thanks in Napa Valley in this short, but helpful guide.

California is Lush and Fertile

There’s a common misconception held by many people who have never been to California that it’s suffered from extreme droughts over the last several years. While some areas of California certainly have, the Napa Valley is an exception. The land here is especially rich, luxurious and fertile, fed by volcanic soil and far more frequent precipitation than many other areas of the state. That’s also why it’s the perfect location for growing wine grapes. When you visit, you’ll see thick, rich forest, wide-open meadows, waterways and rolling croplands filled with people toiling away at the most ancient of arts, wine-making. You can stay at the boutique Napa hotel and just enjoy a bit of relaxation, get out into the countryside and explore, or even head downtown for a round of shopping and find new items to treasure when you leave.

Enjoy Much More Than Just Wine-Making

Although the Napa Valley is famous for its wines, there’s plenty of other activities to enjoy when you visit. California as a whole is an extremely diverse state. Some of the best local activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Go on a safari
  • Play golf
  • Visit the theatre and watch a play
  • Eat at gourmet restaurants

Many hotels host their own Thanksgiving events, too, and may provide packages that include everything from your hotel stay to your meal and even dancing afterwards, too. You can even enjoy great scenery when you make reservations at a boutique Napa hotel. It’s the perfect location for a peaceful and reflective Thanksgiving getaway.

Ride the Napa Valley Thanksgiving Train

While the Napa Valley Wine Train runs all throughout the year, special events occur much less often The Thanksgiving event takes place directly on Thanksgiving itself, and includes a beautiful multi-course meal with a roast turkey prepared by Chef Donald Young. While you dine, the train will weave and carve its way throughout the vineyards and greater valley. All told, you’ll spend approximately 3.5 to 4 hours on the train, eating gourmet turkey dinner and gazing out the window and some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. The organizers also include a wine tasting event with every package.

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