Themes for a Wine Country Visit – Part 2

In our last series of Themes for a Wine Country Visit, we discussed some of the most common themes that visitors use to plan their trips to Napa Valley, including girls’ getaways, guys’ getaways, culinary adventures and romantic weekends. These aren’t the only themes you can enjoy, though. Below are a few more of our favorites, and be sure to check out the packages and special accommodations from Napa Valley Hotel and Suites.

Outdoor Lover

If you love being outdoors, plan a getaway that is built entirely outside, something that is possible in Napa Valley. There are nature preserves, waterfalls, wine caves, tall redwood trees and so much more to explore. Biking is a well loved activity, especially as traffic builds up on Hwy 29 and you can actually make better time on bike or foot. Don’t forget some of the more unique outdoor activities you can take part in, such as balloon rides, air sports and water sports.

Family Fun

If you’re traveling with a family this time around, rest assured that there is plenty to keep everyone busy. The laidback atmosphere is a great environment for families because they can wake up and decide something new each day without being committed to busy, high-priced water parks and amusement parks. Go easy and choose light, carefree activities like biking, exploring nature and enjoying picnic lunches. Or, explore the geyser and spend an afternoon at Scientopia Discovery Center, which is a hands-on science and creativity center.

Art and Theater Enthusiast

Napa Valley is known for its art and theater, so you won’t be the only one looking for this type of rich culture. From the galleries and sculptures of di Rosa to the remarkable Clos Pegase, there are subtle, understated pieces of artwork hidden throughout Wine Country. After enjoying these spectacular works of art, you can catch a film or play at one of the many theaters such as Uptown Theatre.

Wine Tasting Experience

This is probably the most popular reason for coming to Napa – the wine tasting experience! Many visitors do nothing else but spend their time touring wineries and tasting the various selections that each location offers. The fact that you’re enjoying some of the finest wines in the world is a remarkable feeling, and you get to experience it in the beauty of Wine Country. Plus, visitors get to learn a lot about wine making in general, giving them a new appreciation for how the process works.

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