The Best Wine Gifts

There’s no doubt that wine is an excellent gift to give. Wine is lovely to have with dinner, and it’s good to have bottles of vino on hand for when guests come over. Some people enjoy collecting bottles of wine while others get right into enjoying every last drop. If you regularly buy wine for co-workers, friends and family, you may be running out of ideas as to how make your gifts more unique.

Don’t worry – we have great ideas that will take your wine gifts to the next level!

Wine Decanters

Decanting a wine allows it to breathe and have the sediment settle, leading to smoother, better tasting wine. Plus, decanters are quite attractive and can be left out on a table or bar. Get your friend started on their first decanter or upgrade a loved one with a more expensive model.

Wine Aerators

Aerators expand the surface of wine so that air cycles through and improves the taste of the wine. Some fit inside the wine bottle while others have the wine poured through. With aerators available in all price ranges, this is one gift that goes great with a bottle of wine.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Wouldn’t it be great to show off your wine-loving mood with a personalized wine glass? Think of your recipient and what represents them. Ideas include etched wine glasses with names or initials, wine glasses with beaded logos or wine glasses with team emblems. These personalized glasses can be purchased online or from novelty gift shops.

Outdoor Wine Glasses

Did you know that you can purchase colored wine glasses that are built tough for the outdoors? We all know how delicate wine glasses can be, and most people have a set for inside. If your recipient enjoys entertaining, a set of outdoor wine glasses is practical and fun.

Wine Openers

There are dozens of wine openers, including air pressure wine openers, foil cutters, mounted corkscrews and twist corkscrews. You can also opt for a corkscrew gift set that comes complete with all the tools you need to open a bottle of wine with ease.

Wine Bags

Great for bringing wine over to a friends’ house for dinner, wine totes and coolers keep bottles of wine protected. And, they are super stylish!

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