The Autumn Napa Valley Experience

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Knowing the best time to visit Napa Valley depends completely upon what kind of experience you are looking for. Whether you consider it the best time or not, you can’t argue that Autumn is a bad time to visit. Between the landscape, harvest season, and the usual Napa Valley charm, many consider this to be the best time to visit the valley.

Harvest Season

Late summer and fall mark the season for harvest in wine country. Because of this, there are plenty of festivals and activities, but there are also plenty of people. That’s not a bad thing as long as you plan ahead. Make your Napa Valley hotel reservations early in order to get the spot you really want. Plan your stay based on what it is you want to do so you can get where you want to be in a timely manner. Depending on where you stay, you may be able to walk or get transportation from the hotel.

Landscape and Color

One of the reasons that people enjoy Napa Valley in the autumn is the changes in the landscape. As the wealth of different trees start to lose their leaves, the landscape is a virtual explosion of fall colors. From dazzling oranges and golds to crisp browns of the oldest leaves, the site is absolutely breathtaking. Taking in the view with a bottle of wine or while enjoying Pizza on the Lawn can leave you breathless. If you think that autumn looks the same everywhere, consider that you would be in a valley, where you are literally submerged in this stunning display.

Wine Tasting

Of course no trip to Napa Valley would be the same without some wine tasting. As the new harvest comes in, wineries celebrate by offering sweet grapes as samples along with wines and exotic cheeses. Make no mistake, this is a time of hard work and dedication in the valley, but it is also a time of celebration because another successful year has passed and new wines are being made.

There is so much to do all year round in Napa Valley, but autumn is a special time of year. It’s not just the end of one season, but time to welcome and prepare for the coming winter, when the vines will be protected and guarded with loving care. Whether this is a yearly trip for you or your first time out, be prepared to have your sense taken to a whole new level.

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