Start Planning Your Summer Vacation in Napa Valley Today

Summer Vacation in Napa Valley TodayDo you plan to visit wine country this summer? While the weather is crisp (or perhaps even snowing where you live), you are looking forward to warmer days, shorter nights and great wine. Most travelers make the mistake of planning their vacation to Napa in the spring or early summer. However, to really make the most out of your trip and find the best accommodations, winter is a better time to make your official plans for the summer holiday.

Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect wine country vacation:

  1. Pick Your Travel Date Early – Napa Valley is packed with visitors in the summer. Since you too are coming at the height of tourist season, you should try to firm up your travel date early so that you can start making bookings.
  2. Select Your Hotel – Hotels in downtown Napa will book quickly for summer vacations, and that is why February is the best time to make your reservations. Do not forget to check out any seasonal packages offered and see if they fit your travel itinerary.
  3. Start Planning Your Wine Tours – You may want to hire a limo for the wine tasting so you do not have to worry about driving. If you book a wine tasting package, a limo is often included as part of the price. You can select anywhere from three to four wineries for the day.
  4. Book Restaurant Reservations – The fine dining establishments in Napa will take reservations several months out. Decide which restaurants you would like to try, such as Angele, Morimoto, or La Toque and call to see how early you can book. No matter when you settle the reservation, just make sure it is done before you depart.
  5. Book Other Activities – Planning to enjoy a local spa? Want a mud bath? All of these activities need to be booked well ahead of time; at least a month or two ahead.

Check Out Summer Packages at Boutique Downtown Hotels

Secure the perfect place to stay for your Napa Valley vacation. Book your stay early with Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. We offer luxurious accommodations and fun packages so that you can get everything you need in a single trip.

Make a reservation for your summer wine country trip today with Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. Call us at 707-226-1871 or make your Napa hotel reservations online.

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