Six Ways to Make Winter Visits to Napa Wonderful

If you’ve never been to the Napa Valley in the winter, we have great news: there’s no time like this year for your first winter wonderland visit. Whether you’re looking for a holiday experience or a romantic winter weekend getaway, Napa Valley can accommodate your dreams and make it happen. The Napa Valley measures seasons in terms of wine. With October playing host to delicious Cabernets, autumn is a deliciously beautiful time to visit.

Spend a Day in Calistoga

If you hail from an area that actually has four distinct seasons, you’ll immediately notice that the Napa Valley’s dead of winter is really more like late October in the northern USA. There may be some rain and a few cool days, but typically, winter is brisk and relatively comfortable in Napa. Calistoga is the perfect place to spend a casual and entertaining day, whether you come in December or late February. Boutiques, tasting shops, a museum and restaurants along with famous restaurants and breweries make this location sublime.

Check Out Oxbow

The Oxbow Public Market will make even a rainy winter day fun and exciting. Gourmet foods, wines, spice vendors, organic produce and many more interesting products to see and collect sit around every corner. It’s easy to spend several relaxing hours wandering around as you shop, sit, and people watch.

Visit Inglenook Chateau

The Inglenook has been completely restored by Francis Ford Coppola. The tour of the Chateau is one of the best for learning the history of the Napa Valley and Winemaking as a whole. Delight in amazing scenery inside and out, take pictures, or snuggle up with a sweetie while you soak up the culture and sights.


The annual Napa Truffle Festival takes place in January of each year, and attracts food aficionados from every corner of the globe. If you’ve never learned about truffle hunting, gone mushroom hunting, or tasted delicious truffle and wine pairings, now is your chance. The Truffle Festival is a truly unique Napa experience.

New Year’s Eve

Napa Valley is home to many resorts, restaurants, and wineries that offer amazing wine-themed dinner and entertainment options for ringing in the New Year. Attend masquerade balls, speakeasy parties and a variety of celebrations that range from casual to black-tie. Just be sure to book reservations in advance (think six months in advance) to secure your spot. Plan your winter Napa Valley trip today; book a long weekend or a full week with Napa Valley Hotel and Suites.

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