Resources for Those Affected by the California Fires

Here at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites, we know how lucky we are that we were spared damage and destruction by the wildfires. We are heartbroken for our community and want to provide a resource list to help people who are affected connect with the assistance they need.

  1. Love on Haight

According to the Love on Haight Facebook page, this San Francisco clothing store is donating clothing to people affected by the wildfires. You can find more information about the store on the Love on Haight website.

  1. Community Foster for Tubbs Fire Animals

If you have been affected by the Tubbs fire and have animals that you cannot currently take care of, contact Community Foster for Tubbs Fire Animals via their Facebook page. They have volunteers who are willing to foster animals while owners get back on their feet.

  1. Food Pantrie

Local food pantries can help you secure food if you’ve been displaced by the wildfires, whether you’re living in a house or just staying in a hotel. Both Yuba and Sutter counties maintain a total of five food pantries, each of which are helping with relief efforts. This link provides information about food pantries serving Napa County specifically. If you’re currently in Sonoma, see this list of 32 food pantries instead.

  1. Help Keep Your Pets Safe

Local animal shelters are providing assistance to pet owners in an effort to keep animals safe and healthy. In Yuba and Sutter counties, contact the Yuba-Sutter SPCA. In Sonoma, contact The Humane Society of Sonoma County. If you and your pet are in Napa County, you can get in touch with the Humane Society of Napa County for assistance instead.

  1. La Luz Center

Latino non-profit organization La Luz Center is offering and organizing resources for families impacted by the wildfires in Sonoma County. Their Facebook page contains frequent updates regarding prepared food pickup times and locations. If you need assistance, call 707-938-5131.

  1. Napa County Local Assistance Center

The Napa County Local Assistance Center (LAC) is open and ready to assist county residents who are struggling to recover from the wildfires. In addition to financial assistance, the LAC is providing access to state, federal and local resources earmarked for disaster relief.

  1. North Bay Organizing Project

The North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) posts frequent Facebook updates with a focus on the Latino immigrants impacted by the fires. This grassroots organization works to secure economic and social resources for the community.

Have you been displaced by the fire? Neuqua Valley High School and Napa Valley Hotel and Suites are both open and working hard to provide a touchpoint for local residents. If you need help, please reach out! We’ll do our best to connect you to the right resources.

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