Planning Your First Trip to Napa

For some, Napa is a break from the world, a welcome breath of fresh air and a chance to grace the palate with something a bit more flavorful than what you get at the supermarket. For others, it’s a party that only ends when you leave. Whatever it is for you, the more you plan out your first trip to Napa, the more you can get out of it. Of course, that also means you will be able to plan your second trip even better as you learn which part of the experience you love most.




How are you getting to Napa? If you fly, keep in mind that all three of the closest airports are about an hour’s drive from Napa. You may need to rent a car at the airport in order to get to your hotel. You might also plan to take a cab and make sure you stay at a hotel that is within walking distance of most of the features that you plan to explore. Alternately, you might also simply drive to Napa instead of flying.




If you plan to spend most of your time in Napa, why not make sure you find a hotel that is located near the areas you want to visit? Some Napa hotels are within walking distance of the places you might want to visit, while others might offer a shuttle service to the places you want to go. It’s a good idea to start planning your stay months in advance. There is a “busy” season, but Napa tends to draw people in at all times of the year.


Hot Spots


Napa has so many things to offer, that it can be difficult to choose just a few. While it is known as wine country, there are a lot of other things to do aside from wine tasting. Many people visit the area just for the relaxing atmosphere and fresh air. There are also tons of festivals and other activities going on throughout the year. Be sure to explore the events for the year so you know exactly what you want to attend.


Planning ahead allows you to make sure you pack everything you’ll need to enjoy the sites you want to visit. And, if you plan to just relax and stroll around the area, that’s great too. Just be sure to schedule your room in advance so you know where you’re going at the end of the day.


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