Planning a Romantic Getaway in Napa

Planning a romantic getaway is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship and create new memories. Even if you live in the same home, it’s likely that you don’t get to spend quality alone time with your significant other. Arranging a getaway for the two of you will make your relationship a priority. Choosing Napa Valley for your romantic rendezvous may sound cliche, but this really is the ideal place for couples. With so many things to do, you can easily make your trip special and unique.

Here are some tips for planning a romantic getaway in Napa Valley.

Keep it Short

Relationship experts agree that short trips in the form of a long weekend are enough for most couples, especially those who are still early in their relationship. This gives you enough time together without getting bored. Napa is perfect for short trips. There isn’t an abundance of attractions to see, so you’re able to get the complete experience in a few short days.

Enjoy the Scenery

Another piece of advice that relationship experts give is to take in the scenery. If you find yourself rushing through your everyday life, use this getaway to enjoy the simple things that surround you. Napa Valley is perfect for this, as there are peaceful valleys, expansive mountain ranges and towering trees. Each season has something unique to offer, such as ripened grapes on the vines and valleys of blooming flowers.

Be Spontaneous

You can schedule a few activities such as a wine tour at a particular winery or a spa date at one of the many luxurious spas in Napa. It’s important to keep things unstructured too. After booking a room with Napa Valley Hotel and Suites, explore downtown Napa and find something fun and exciting to do – on a whim. The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Napa, so there is plenty to see and do based on your mood.

Relax and Be Simple

One of the main reasons why Napa is a top choice for couples is because it sets the stage for romance. With a vast selection of hotels, bed and breakfasts, wineries, restaurants, spas, golf courses and galleries, the city caters to couples of all ages. With this in mind, you won’t have to overextend yourself or your budget by planning activities. You can settle into the environment easily and truly enjoy time with your partner. A picnic lunch. A stroll through the vineyards. A ride on a hot air balloon. Lunch on the Wine Train. Enjoy it all in Napa Valley!

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