Planning a Destination Wedding in Napa

You’ve always dreamed of visiting wine country but haven’t had the opportunity. Why not make Napa the backdrop for a gorgeous destination wedding? You and your guests can enjoy luxurious accommodations while exploring the countryside and surrounding attractions before and after your big event.

Decide on a Rough Head Count

How many people will you be inviting to your wedding, and how many do you expect will be realistically able to travel and attend? Make sure you have a solid idea so that you can set a working budget. You’ll need to have an idea of the number of guests at your Napa wedding before you can choose a venue or hotel.

Location and Accommodations

Start by choosing your exact wedding location and hotel accommodations. You have quite a few gorgeous Napa Valley hotels to choose from and many will be able to handle your wedding, your reception, and your overnight stay. Combining everything in the same location can save you quite a bit of money. Be sure to let the hotel you choose know that you’re in town for your wedding, even if you decide to be married in a vineyard or at another location. Many hotels are thrilled to offer wedding packages and may even offer you a group rate for amenities for you and your guests.

The earlier you make these arrangements, the easier it will be for your guests to plan their travels to your event. Make sure you send out your save-the-date cards as far in advance as possible, even if you don’t have all of the details finalized. Your guests will appreciate the extra planning time.

Be Sensitive to Cost

Traveling to a destination wedding isn’t cheap. According to the experts at, the average couple spends anywhere from $700 to $1,000 to participate in a destination wedding. It’s not the bride and groom’s responsibility to pay for guests to travel, but you should do all you can to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Make sure they have clear directions to each event or hotel, consider inviting everyone to an extra dinner or show, and definitely consider skipping the wedding registry. It’s nice to favor presence over presents and your guests will appreciate being able to attend your wedding without having to worry about gifts.

Welcome Gifts

Many couples will leave welcome gifts in the rooms of their wedding guests. Considering your Napa valley destination, you may want to arrange for a bottle of local wine to be left in each couple’s room. They’ll appreciate the chance to relax and unwind after traveling.

Consider a Consultant

If you’re not from California, you may want to consider speaking to a wedding consultant from the Napa area. She can act as your local set of eyes and ears as you plan your arrival, wedding day, and after-party.

When you get married in the Napa Valley you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular wine tastings, vineyard tours, fantastic cuisine, and an atmosphere absolutely perfect for a romantic experience. Enjoy your special day!

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