Plan Your Trip-of-a Lifetime to Napa Valley

Napa Valley offers more than fine wine and majestic scenery. When you explore Napa Valley you are immersed in culture, exquisite food, a peerless shopping experience, music and more. In fact it would take years to fully appreciate the bounty of reverence you will find in this magical area in Northern California.

Although seeing Napa Valley on foot is one of the most common ways visitors explore the area, here are a few unusual ways to enjoy the countryside:

  • Bike Tours allow you to almost taste the blossoming mustard on the vine. Choose from day long to a full six-day exploration of Napa Valley by bike
  • Balloon Tours provide a panoramic view of the countryside. See the sights while sipping champagne 2,000 feet above the land
  • Boat Tours offer a peaceful glimpse at Napa Valley nature. Some tours offer multi-spot adventures such as hiking and biking along with wine tours
  • Motorcycle Tours for the true “biker” enthusiast. See the countryside on your hog

Enhance your visit by staying at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. Our comfortable, affordable accommodations are the perfect end to a day of adventure. Plus, we offer special packages to fit any budget.

Book your tour of Napa Valley today and contact Napa Valley Hotel and Suites at 707-226-1871.

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Napa Valley Hotel & Suites
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