Napa Valley’s Adventures in Literature – Great Books About Napa Valley

Whether you’re reading a murder mystery that occurred inside a secret Napa Valley winery or you are dipping into exquisite Napa Valley cookbook cuisine, endless books are written about or set within Napa Valley. 

Why?  The romantic backdrop of the bursting grapes and dramatic landscape make Napa Valley a reader’s paradise. No matter if you are waiting at an airport or need a relaxing read for the beach, a good book set in Napa Valley can transport you to the aromatic utopia that has attracted and intrigued visitors for centuries:

Before heading to Napa Valley for a vacation or a weekend retreat, pick up a book on Napa Valley.  Learn more about the geography, the history and the people who make Napa Valley what it is today.

Don’t forget to reserve comfy and affordable accommodations at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. Bring your books, Kindle and some time for a restorative visit to wine country.

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