Napa Valley: The Perfect Wedding Destination

Weddings do not need to be elaborate to be special and memorable. Weddings are rites of passage and represent the love that the couple has for each other.

If you are planning a wedding, you know just how important this day will mean to you. You also know which types of elements are important to you. Maybe a quiet, intimate setting is best. Or maybe you want a large gathering with all significant friends and family. Whatever you have in mind, Napa Valley is a wonderful place to have a wedding. Here’s why.

Perfect Weather

It’s no secret that California has ideal weather. Napa Valley is no exception. During the springtime, the temperatures warm to the 70s, with cool and crisp mornings and evenings. The summer is warm, with many days reaching the 90s, but you get a nice dry heat instead of fog and humidity. The fall is absolutely beautiful in Napa Valley, with summerlike temperatures and mild evenings. The winter is a bit rainier and cooler, but temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Basically, any season can offer the perfect weather for a wedding.

Stunning Scenery

Every bride and groom wants to have beautiful scenery in the background, and Napa Valley actually takes the place of a backdrop. With sunny skies, rolling hills, mountain vistas and giant trees, there’s no doubt that your wedding photographs will be a cut above the rest. The season you select will also play a part in your photographs, as fall offers the changing colors of leaves, while the spring is abundant in freshly growing crops, flowers and trees.

Unique Ceremony Locations

A handful of Napa Valley wineries offer wedding receptions and ceremonies, giving the bride, the groom, the wedding party and the guests a truly unique experience. After all, how many people get married at a winery? Plus, the wineries have impeccable reception halls and stunning views that accommodate wedding photographs and intimate gatherings, such as private decks and balconies.

Five-Star Food and Wine

Did you know that Napa Valley has some of the best food? Of course the locals know how to pair wine with various meals, but the food is hard to beat as well. From fresh seafood selections to locally grown fruits and vegetables, there are wonderful food options to have at a wedding. Not to mention, the wine is top notch and comes from local wineries. You can’t ask for a better spread of food and dessert, as well as the finest wine selections.

A wedding in Napa Valley is truly one to be remembered.

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