Join Us for the 2012 Napa Valley Film Festival

A true Napa Valley-style celebration of film, food, and wine, the Napa Valley Film Festival will be held November 7-11, 2012 and you don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind annual experience held during the picturesque harvest season in Napa. The Napa Valley Film Festival presents the latest and best independent films and supports visitors with day passes, festival passes, and other options to ensure a comfortable and easy film festival experience.  See the Napa Valley Film Festival pass holder information to purchase the best pass for your film festival experience.

This year, there are five screening venues in Napa – all very close to the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites:

●      Napa Valley Opera House

●      The Lounge at Hatt Hall

●      Jarvis Conservatory

●      Oxbow Screening Room

●      Silo’s Riverfront Screening (Napa River Inn)

Throughout Napa Valley, the wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants and other retailers offer perks for Festival pass holders. Screenings, panels, and events are held to encourage personal interaction between artists and movie-goers and most films screen multiple times, so you are sure to be able to see the ones you want.

Call the friendly staff at the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites to reserve your room ahead of the rush so you can focus on enjoying the food, the wine, and the collaboration on great movies. Call 707-226-1871 for more details and pricing.

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