How to do Napa for Cheap

Wait – did you read that title right? Can you really visit Napa for cheap? It seems like nothing comes cheap these days, especially vacations. With some proper planning and a little know-how, you can visit Napa Valley, enjoy everything it has to offer and stay within your budget. We’ll tell you how.

Visit During the Off-Season

The cheapest times to visit Napa are winter and spring. You’ll find plenty of hotel packages that drop their prices up to 50 percent! Don’t worry about missing out on grape picking and crushing. Beautiful valleys of bright yellow mustard plants are a gem to look at, and you can enjoy mild temperatures, smaller crowds and seasonal menus.

Nab Hotel Deals by Booking Online

Unlike other areas where downtown is the most expensive place to stay, downtown Napa is actually quite affordable, especially compared to the quaint bed and breakfasts throughout Wine Country. Napa Valley Hotel and Suites is situated in the heart of downtown Napa and offers great rates. Book your stay online and save up to 20 percent, or call the hotel directly and take advantage of one of the seasonal packages that include a deluxe room, jacuzzi and other amenities for one low price.

Use Coupons for Free Wine Tastings

Forget cheap – how about free? Wine tours can add up quickly if you don’t plan in advance, but there are many wineries that offer coupons and discounted wine tours. Here is where you can find a list of all the wineries that are offering coupons for the 2014 winter season. Check them out! Also call the winery in advance or visit their website to see if any special offers are available. Some wineries waive the tour fee with a purchase, others offer 2-for-1 deals.

Get Back to the Basics

Other tourist locations will have you spending hundreds of dollars on admission prices for amusement parks, water parks, museums and so on. And unless you visit these attractions, there may not be much else to do. With Napa, you can essentially pay for the hotel and food and enjoy free or low-cost activities throughout your stay. Napa is home to three state parks where you can enjoy hiking trails, picnics, a swimming pool and old-fashioned waterwheels. With the beautiful landscape and breathtaking maples, oaks, redwoods and madrones, you don’t need to take out your wallet to enjoy a day in Napa Valley.

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