Highlights from Napa’s Beautiful Riverfront Promenade

Napa is beautiful in the summertime, full of life, harmony, and excitement. From the incredible scenery to an endless array of amenities like gourmet restaurants, spas, and wine tours, there’s just so much to do and see that you could spend two weeks here and never see it all. From the yearly 4th of July parade to some of the best designer shopping boutiques in California, here’s a few highlights to get you excited.

The July 4th Fireworks

You don’t need to be in San Francisco to experience world-class fireworks; in fact, Napa has their own fireworks show every year on July 4th. Granted, it’s a much more intimate experience, but fewer people also means fewer crowds and more moments for snuggling with a sweetie as you enjoy the show.

Amelia’s Gifts

Want souvenirs, or a little something to take back to loved ones? Amelia’s Gifts is Napa’s answer to a souvenir shop, but it’s far from a little kiosk on the side of the road. Inside, you’ll find high-end gifts, personal spa items, local artisan goods, jewelry, and local market baskets piled high with Napa’s very best products. It’s the perfect stop for couples, families, and single adventurers alike.

Angele Restaurant & Bar

Celebrate the summer with romance and style at Angele Restaurant and Bar, Napa’s premium French country eatery. This upscale location sits right on the Napa River itself; you even have the option of sitting on the patio to enjoy your meal and wine under the warm summer night sky. Historical 1890s architecture makes this location truly special.

Sweetie Pie’s

Getting married in Napa this summer? Celebrating a birthday, or perhaps an anniversary? Check out Sweetie Pie’s for an incredible assortment for amazing cakes, cupcakes, and delectable sweets. Order a special design in advance, or just indulge your cravings with a stop as you explore the rest of the riverfront. There’s a little something for everyone at this saccharine shop.

Napa River Velo

Planning to come to Napa to enjoy life on two wheels? It’s an irresistible option with so many bike tours and great routes to take to see the countryside. Even more encouraging is the fact that Napa has its very own full-service bicycle shop available to you right on the water. Buy a brand-new high-end bicycle, pick up supplies, or just meet up with other cyclists. Of course, in the unfortunate event that you need a repair or part on your own personal ride, they can usually help with that, too.

Napa Valley in the summer is really something special. People come for the wine; they stay for the incredible experiences – including our beautiful riverfront amenities. Book with Napa Valley Hotels & Suites today and enjoy all Napa has to offer.


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