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Here’s How Napa is Recovering from Devastating Wildfires

Last year’s wildfires tore through parts of Napa, destroying historic properties and natural landscapes alike. It was one of the most difficult years in recent history, causing a significant amount of heartache and struggle. But Napans aren’t known for lying down after disasters; just as they always have, they rose to the occasion to rejuvenate the area. Here’s how everyone at Napa is working to recover from the fires, and improve, to make your visit better than ever.

New Destinations Rise from the Ashes

California’s wildfires did tragically erase some of our most treasured and beloved wineries and spas, but that doesn’t mean those spaces sit blank. Many of the affected businesses are rising from the ashes by creating new and even better versions of the older destroyed spots. This includes a new tasting room named Ashes & Diamonds as well as a few brand-new gourmet restaurants.

Rebuilding Neighborhoods

The fires dramatically impacted neighborhoods in Napa, as well as nearby neighborhoods in Sonoma, Solano, Lake and Mendocino. Thousands of local residents lost their homes; several hundred more lost their vacation properties, some of which had been in their families for generations.

Napa’s residences matter just as much as our businesses; we’re a tight-knit, friendly community who believes in helping our neighbors back to their feet when they need a hand. That’s why so many people jumped in to help Rebuild Wine Country and Habitat for Humanity restore our beautiful neighborhoods.

With so much support, Napans are resettling and getting back to the business of running your favorite wineries, hotels, restaurants, and shops. And it’s easy to see that they’re having an impact, because tourism is booming!

Replanting and Re-Seeding

The ironic fact about forest fires is they often leave behind extremely fertile soil. For as much as we have lost, we have also gained new opportunities to plant and grow produce, including grapes. Many of the affected wineries have already managed to get fields down and are actively planning special runs of wine for this year. Lucky visitors may just have an opportunity to taste these special bottles personally.

Of course, it isn’t just the grapes being replanted. Trees, shrubs, and gardens are slowly being replanted, springing forth from the ground with life – especially up in the hills. It’s a lovely site that really creates a feeling of strength and mother nature’s tenacity.

Still thinking about a visit? Give us a call at Napa Valley Hotels & Suites and we’ll help you schedule accommodations and plan your trip. Every visit supports Napa’s long-term recovery by allowing businesses to continue serving people just like you.

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