Get Outdoors! Explore Napa’s Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces

With over 50 parks in all sizes and types, the City of Napa presents some amazing options to get outdoors and explore. For those seeking outdoor entertainment, Napa is the ideal playground. City parks run from the simple to stately. Historic parks and undeveloped spaces can be found everywhere. The downtown area has multiple parks; the largest of them is the Oxbow Preserve – a 13-acre passive use native plant reserve created on the peninsula formed by the Napa River Oxbow.

Walking and cycling trails can be found at the Alston Park, where a 2-mile loop is popular. Kennedy Park features portions of the Napa River Trail. See a complete map of the City of Napa Parks.

Reserve a room at the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites and you can be in the great outdoors in no time! Our friendly team can even help you rent bikes so you don’t have to drive.

The roads in Napa Valley offer something for everyone – from rolling terrain to challenging hill climbs. The newly developed class one bike path, the Napa Valley Vine Trail, is a picture-perfect path through the scents, sounds, and tastes of Napa Valley. From Napa to the historic town of Calistoga, just 26 miles to the north, riders  can enjoy breathtaking views while pedaling through vineyards and stopping here and there for a sip or a snack.

The Napa Bike Coalition promotes safe cycling in the valley and has key resources for those in search of bike routes, events, and more. Be sure to review their useful safety tips about bike riding in the area.

Call us at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites to reserve your suite and find the perfect path through Napa Valley. Call 707-226-1871 for more details and pricing.

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