Exploring Napa’s 2015 Premiere Wine Offerings

Exploring Napa’s 2015 Premiere Wine Offerings

Wine lovers travel from near and far to experience all the Napa Valley has to offer on a regular basis, but not every wine is available throughout the entire year.

What, you ask? I can’t go on a tasting and find any wine I’d like to try? Nope. Not unless you are a restaurateur or wine retailer participating in Premiere Napa Valley.

What is Premiere Napa Valley?

Premiere Napa Valley is an annual auction event, now in its 19th year, where the area’s finest vineyards are given the opportunity to auction their rare wine brands. The wines featured at the event are only ever created one time.

The event features wines from more than 225 different wineries. Each offers ultra-boutique wines that are offered in limited quantities. The minimum is usually around 60 bottles and you’ll never find more than 240 bottles of any one offering.

Of course, this works out well for restaurant owners who want to offer their customers some of the rarest and unique wines from the Napa Valley throughout the year. Depending on who makes the purchase – a retail seller, wholesaler, or restaurateur – the wines may stay as local as California or travel as far as New Jersey.

The wineries and vineyards also have an opportunity to show off a level of creativity they might not otherwise present to the public. A label that is known for fine white wines may make an annual batch of red.

Don’t get any funny ideas. Only the most respected members of the wine trade are invited to attend the Premiere Napa Valley Barrel Tasting and Auction. Those who aren’t automatically invited can request an invitation, but there are no guarantees.

And now you know one of the big secrets about the wine and restaurant industry. Restaurants don’t end up with special bottles of boutique or vintage wines because they’re readily available. They bid carefully on the top bottles out there and pass only the best on to you (for a price).

Interested in learning more? Check out Premiere Napa Valley online and keep your eyes peeled for news about how the February 21st auction goes. We’re sure it’ll be a huge hit. And even if you can’t go, there are plenty of Napa Valley hotels and resorts and wineries where you can enjoy a stunning tasting.

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