Creative Ways to Save for a Napa Valley Vacation

If the funds allowed, most of us would travel more than we do. Even a small getaway can cost a fortune between the hotel, transportation, dining and entertainment. But, vacations are the one opportunity where we get to leave everyday stress behind and enjoy a new location and fun things to do. Plus, the time to bond with friends and family is invaluable.

Below are creative ways to save for a Napa Valley vacation or getaway, no matter how tight money may be. You can save more than you think!

The Basic Change Jar

At the very least, you can set up a jar in the home that is dedicated to your next family vacation. Fill it up with spare change or random dollars that you find around the home and don’t want to carry in your purse or pocket. Consider this: It only takes $1.37 each day to save up $500 in a year. When everyone throws in their spare change, it can add up fast.

Have a Garage Sale

Do you feel overwhelmed by what’s lurking in the basement? The garage? The closets? Let your upcoming getaway be the motivator for cleaning out your home and hosting a garage sale. All proceeds can go toward your vacation, and depending on what you sell, you can make several hundred dollars in a day or two. And, you get the added benefit of having a cleaned out home!

Sell Assets or Belongings Online

Not everything can be sold at a garage sale, at least for top dollar. If you have collectibles taking up space, try selling them online for a cash profit. There are also plenty of online sites and local online garage sales where you can ask more for belongings in good condition, such as furniture, toys and baby items.

Eat Dinner at Home

Fast food, take out or ordering pizza each week add up fast. Plan your meals in advance so that you don’t have an excuse to eat anywhere but home. You’ll save money and eat healthier, too. If you must eat out, look for deals on sites like Groupon or Livingsocial to reduce the cost. The money you save can go directly toward your vacation.

Find Free Entertainment

In addition to food, entertainment soaks up a lot of extra money. Look for free events and activities at local museums, libraries and the park district. You’ll be amazed at how much is available for free or low cost when you look for it. Trade in the costly movie tickets for the dollar theater, or at least a matinee show on the weekend. Everything you save is more to put away.

Shop for Travel Deals

Thanks to the Internet, finding hotel deals is relatively easy. Many hotels in Napa Valley offer seasonal packages with reduced rates. If you stay in the downtown area, you can plan a trip with little transportation costs since everything is right there. And, use the same social sites that you use at home when you travel. You can find deals on shopping, spas, golf packages and restaurants!

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