Cool Summer Wines

When you are pairing wines with your favorite summer dish, a good rule of thumb is to pair color when you don’t know much about wine. Red meats go well with red wines because they both embody a robust flavor. White wines go best with white meats, like fresh fish. However, if you want to go a step further, take a look at some of the best ways to pair summer wines with your favorite summer dishes.


Italian Sangiovese: This red wine pairs perfectly with just about any kind of red or smoked meats. However, it’s very versatile, so it also goes well with salads that involve things like cherry tomatoes, eggplant, or even zucchini.


Italian Arneis: This delicate drink makes the perfect companion to lighter dishes. Think watermelon salads or a light lunch like tender linguine with clams.


Spanish White: Spanish white wines have their own zing to them. They can spice up the palate very well when sipped with seafood that is raw or grilled.


Chenin Blanc: The Chenin Blanc is so versatile that it is the perfect wine for serving at any kind of potluck dinner. When you want to pair it with specific foods, consider oysters, cured meats, or mussels. It has a very robust flavor for a white wine, so that even those who traditionally only drink red wines will enjoy the full-bodied flavor.


Pinot Noir Rose: This Rose wine is for lighter meals, like those involving red fruits and flowery salads. It also works well with just about any kind of fish.


Though there are some simple guidelines when it comes to pairing wines with foods, the best combination is the one that you personally enjoy the most. This is especially true when you are trying new dishes on the grill. For the most part, the flavor of the meat is going to stand out in the meal, but you might also consider your marinate or if you are dabbling with citrus dressings.


Don’t forget to try some cool spritzers this year. With some wine, club soda, and a dash of citrus or fruit of your choice, you can easily create your own unique flavor to pair with the dish of your choice. In fact, why not make this a summer to sample new wines, food dishes and wine/dish combinations. You might just find the perfect combination to wake your taste buds up and induce your creative palate.

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