Get Ready for BottleRock Napa Valley – May 30th through June 1st

Napa Valley is home to a great number of cultural events, including one exceptional entertainment option – BottleRock. If you haven’t heard of BottleRock, it’s a three day intensely fueled adventure in music, wine, food, and beer. It’s one of the most unusual events you’re likely to attend anywhere. So unique, it’s actually hard to describe!

By combining the best of Napa Valley food offerings from the top restaurant chefs, your taste buds are going to enjoy an adventure of their own through everything from sushi to tapas to cupcakes and more.

Next, you’ll sip the finest of luscious liquid that the top local wineries and breweries have to offer. This is no teeny, tiny sipping event, but full glasses all around.

You can buy tickets or passes to BottleRock in three types:

  1. 3-day pass
  2. VIP 3 day pass
  3. Platinum pass

Contact the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites or call 707-226-1871 to reserve a room and enjoy the 2014 BottleRock festival!

BottleRock Napa Valley artist lineup includes rock, country, bluegrass and alternative, so everyone is likely to find their favorite. Those who like an eclectic blend of music are sure to be thrilled. While general parking passes will be available for purchase, BottleRock parking is situated approximately 10 minutes from the festival and attendees will be shuttled from the lot to the event site.

There is no parking at the Napa Valley Expo where this event is to be held.

If you stay with us at the Napa Valley Hotel and Suites, however, you can walk to the Expo which is in the heart of downtown Napa Valley. You’ll save parking money and you can take breaks from the crowd by enjoying a little quiet time and refreshments in your room.

Check our room availability at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. Call us at 707-226-1871 to arrange your stay for the BottleRock Festival this May.

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