Ideas for Your Napa Valley Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Napa Valley Bachelor Bachelorette PartyWhether your nuptials will be in wine country or you are just looking for a mini vacation before the big day, Napa Valley has plenty to offer when it comes to the ultimate Bachelor or Bachelorette party. Just make sure you book early, because with so many summer events taking place, many others like you will be heading to Napa.

A few ideas for how to host the perfect wine country pre-wedding celebration:

  • Include a spa day. You cannot complete a bachelorette party without a spa day! Napa Valley is rich in spa venues ready to offer up luxurious massages, full-body scrubs, facials, and more. Spa Terra, for example, is an underground spa filled with steam grottos, treatment alcoves and waterfalls.
  • Go on a food tour. If the bride or groom is a self-proclaimed “foodie,” then a food tour throughout Napa could be the perfect party idea. Napa is full of amazing eateries, world-renowned chefs and of course, great wine. You can create your own food tour or schedule a Premier Food Tour.
  • Go on a wine tour. Wine country tours are the best way to visit multiple wineries and taste all they have to offer. You will book a private tour and the specialist will pick wineries on the route based on your preferences. Then, you get a chauffeured trip around Napa Valley as you stop in at local wineries, visit their tasting rooms and perhaps get a few wine goodies to take home. You can book a wine tour solo or as a package along with your accommodations.
  • Play a few rounds of golf. You can make an entire party out of golf if you want. After all, Napa has plenty of golf courses to last a weekend getaway. Just a few to check into include Silverado Resort and Spa’s golf course, the Napa Golf Course and Chardonnay Golf Club.

Book Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Accommodations Now

Napa is the ideal place to enjoy a bachelorette or bachelor party. Whether you are coming mid-week or over the weekend, now is the time to book your stay. Napa Valley Hotel and Suites also has a variety of packages that are perfect for those planning a party, including wine tours and hot air balloon rides.

Book your Napa hotel stay online with our boutique hotel or call 707-226-1871 for more information.

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