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Art Tours in the Napa Valley

What better way to enjoy the beauty and bounty of Napa Valley than by taking an art tour? If you love wine and have a penchant for art, it’s your number one destination for incredible experiences. Curious what you’ll find? In this guide, we’ll reveal a few of the area’s best artistic and cultural stopovers, including private galleries and artistic experiences. Many of these locations offer official group tours  — both with and without wine. Others are self-guided and better for the free spirit who just wants to wander.

Yountville Art Walk

As if the beauty of Yountville wasn’t enough to compel you to visit, the Yountville Art Walk provides an added incentive: incredible art and an amazing “art walk” for the wandering soul.

Scattered throughout the idyllic town are glass and metal sculptures by renowned local artist Gordon Huether and several other artists. One of the most commanding bronze statues witnessed in the walk, Chaos Pamplona, is a contribution by internationally-applauded artist Jedd Novatt. It stands 26 feet high.

Di Rosa

Nestled among 217 acres, the di Rosa comprises three sprawling galleries, a 35-acre lake, a stone wine house and numerous outdoor sculpture installations. Ancient olive groves and rolling meadows give the di Rosa the feeling of a nature preserve.

The di Rosa highlights the talents of more than 900 artists in 2000 incredible works of art.

Hall Wines

Many of the wineries in Napa Valley combine art viewing with wine tastings. At Hall Wines, their recently-redesigned tasting room features an incredibly complex tapestry by Nick Cave entitled, “Garden Plot.” Though the piece hangs high on the wall, the second-floor level provides a closer opportunity to observe its full splendor.

Hess Collection Winery

Housed in a historic 1903 winery made of stone, the Hess Collection Winery offers a great deal of internationally recognized amenities for visitors. In addition to their wine collection and visitor programs, it also offers culinary delights.

Donald Hess, who began his art collection in 1966, established a private art museum on the property. Here, you’ll get an intimate glimpse at about one-quarter of his vast collection. Unfortunately, Hess Winery doesn’t maintain the rest of the collection on-site; instead,  they’re located in various museums around the world.

Peju Province Winery

Peju provides artists from the Bay Area and other areas with an easy-to-access showcase location. Each artist’s work rotates on a quarterly basis, and whoever’s work the gallery is showing becomes available daily. Visitors can both view and purchase art directly from Peju.

At the installation of each new showcase, the winery arranges a meeting with the artist for visitors.  If you attend, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the artist’s work.

The Napa Valley speaks to the artist’s soul. Whether you’re traversing the beautiful landscapes on foot or attending one of the galleries above, the experience will soothe your stress and melt away everyday responsibilities. Relax, get inspired, and enjoy some of the best accommodations available when you book a room in a Napa Hotel!


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