Planning an Affordable Napa Valley Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is THE holiday to spare no expense in declaring your undying love with over-the-top romance. If you’re in a place where you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a memorable and romantic way, but need to be respectful of your budget, we have the perfect answer: Napa Valley. Yes, that’s right, it’s totally possible to head down to the Valley and curl up at your favorite hotel or winery and still manage to save.

The key to making sure your affordable trip is both romantic and memorable is to know how and where to save. Here’s a few of our favorite tips for making the most of what you have.

Combine Activities

Package deals can be an incredible option for budget-conscious consumers. They help you save money on necessities, freeing up money for other indulgences along the way. It’s possible to find options that include full-day experiences, complete with winery tours and tastings, his and hers massages, candlelit hot tubbing, and other luxuriously indulgent spa services. Make the most of these opportunities to save your cash for other indulgences, like fine wine, luxury accomodations, and sweet treats.

Get Outdoors

While February isn’t the warmest month of the year, you’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate in nature in the Valley on Valentine’s Day. Try our local hiking trails and hot air balloon rides to see the landscape in all its wintery glory. These are also the best outdoor activities where you can be romantic and create amazing memories along the way. Beautiful views and photographs will commemorate your trip and make your heart melt for years to come.

Wines and Chocolates

If you’ve planned your budget well, you should be in a position to splurge a bit on a wine and chocolate excursion. For Valentine’s Day, many of the wineries offer wine and chocolate pairings and special romantic tastings for couples. This is a decadent experience, but it’s well-worth the extra cost.

Can’t afford to hit up a tasting – or maybe don’t have time? Head on over to La Foret Chocolate & Confections or Vintage Sweet Shoppe instead. Both are nestled right into the heart of Napa and offer some of the sweetest selections available locally.

Take a Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train may not technically be “affordable,” in the sense that it isn’t free or even almost free. But it is worth the price and then some. The Wine Train offers an exciting and memorable Valentine’s Day excursion that comes with lunch and dinner experiences with live music, gourmet food, and wine. If you do nothing else during your visit, you should try to take this one in because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Napa Valley is a beautiful destination offering up incredibly romantic views, fun activities and indulgent accommodations, but it can also be affordable, too. With a little attention to detail, you can fit in a trip to Napa sometime over the next few months, cuddling up with your sweetheart as you get away from it all for a few days. Book your room with Napa Valley Hotel & Suites now!

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