A Closer Look at Napa Valley's Fine Restaurants

You probably read a lot about Napa Valley and its reputation for fine dining. There are five-star restaurants, seasonal menus and impeccable locales that lie within beautiful Wine Country. But what is it about these restaurants that make the headlines? When you read that you can actually travel to Napa Valley and spend the whole time eating, you have to wonder, is it true?

There are a few factors that make Napa restaurants a cut above the rest.

Locally Grown Ingredients

Napa Valley may be a popular place to travel to, but the integrity of the area has never been compromised. Wine Country is an area that relies heavily on its own resources. Locally grown produce is a staple in many of the dishes served in Napa restaurants. Thanks to the area’s climate, soil and natural resources, there’s no reason to look any further than Napa for the best ingredients. What you’ll find are fresh ingredients that add taste, color, texture and variety. Plus, you know you’re getting healthier ingredients with fewer pesticides while also supporting the local economy.

Seasonal Menus

The weather is almost always ideal in Napa Valley, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t subtle differences between each season. Napa’s restaurants offer up seasonal menus that accommodate the various seasons (heartier meals in the winter; light, refreshing dishes in the spring and summer). Look for a variety of produce, meats and seafood that come fresh from local farms. Also, the constantly changing menus mean that you can expect new dishes being offered all of the time. After all, variety spices things up!

Wines to Complement Every Dish

Of course, you can’t eat a meal in Wine Country without being offered a glass of wine. Napa Valley has the finest wines that come directly from the local vineyards. There are wines to accommodate all types of dishes, such as sweet reds and light, fruity white wines. You can pick various wine selections for your meals, and have fun experimenting with a variety of flavors. Plus, it’s nice to see that when your server opens a bottle of wine for your table, you know exactly where it’s coming from.

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