9th Annual Springtime Bonanza at Judds Hill Winery

9th Annual Springtime Bonanza at Judds Hill Winery

Looking for something unique to do this weekend? Head on over to Judds Hill Winery at noon for the 9th Annual Springtime Bonanza. For 2 ½ hours you’ll be able to enjoy some of the area’s finest BBQ, sample wine releases, and be soothed by the melodies of the Napa Valley Youth Symphony.

The Napa Valley Youth Symphony

The Napa Valley Youth Symphony is an award-wining group with the goal of providing the best musical training possible to young, aspiring musicians. The symphony itself has the opportunity to perform seasonally, as they work hard to present full-length concerts. The Napa Valley Youth Symphony program also has programs to train brand new musicians through a variety of ensembles and special events. All members of the symphony have to re-audition on an annual basis and trust us – the competition is fierce.

About the Springtime Bonanza

That brings us back to the Springtime Bonanza at the Judds Hill Winery. They’ve been avid supporters of the symphony for years and graciously host this fundraising event annually. The event features a medley of bar-b-que foods, entertainment, and an abundance of wine. Wine club members can also use this opportunity to pick up their May shipments in person instead of waiting for them to arrive in the mail!

Tickets to the event are $55 per person for those who are not already wine club members.

If you are a wine club member, you can enter the bonanza for free but only if you email the winery or call in advance to reserve your space. The number of free entries depends on the level of your wine club membership:

  • Four-bottle Wine Club: entry for two

  • Full and Double Membership: entry for four

Members can bring additional guests for a fee of $25 per person – a small charge for a worthy cause.

There are so many incredible things to do in and around the Napa Valley. This is just one. Ask your Napa Valley hotel concierge for help finding other local events – especially if you’re a fan of supporting youth groups and charities. We know the symphony members will appreciate your support as well!

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