5 Unusual Napa Wine Tours

If you’re a seasoned Napa Valley visitor, you probably feel that there’s nothing new or exciting about wine tours. Even if you’ve never been to Napa, you may not be all that excited about visiting a winery and tasting different vintages. All that will change when you check out these unique and unusual wine tours on your next visit.

Get Into the Caves

The beautiful Jervis Caves sits underground, making for an incredibly unique experience. Tour guides will lead you through the cool caves, alongside the underground spring, and into the Crystal Room. This is an experience unlike anything else you’ll find at Napa, and is a must-see for anyone who loves wine and natural geology.

Film Director Wines

The Francis Ford Coppola Winery offers more than just a place to see grapes and taste wine. There’s 3600 square feet of swimming pools, film memorabilia and a taste of Hollywood tucked away in the Napa Valley for you to enjoy. With a variety of tasting rooms and even “cabins” by the pool, you can plan a whole day of enjoying this wine tour.

Aerial Tram

The Sterling Vineyards has the only aerial tram in the Napa Valley. The tram travels from the parking lot to the top where the winery is located. When you step onto your gondola, you’re greeted with a glass of wine to enjoy while you wander through the winery on a self-guided tour.

Throughout your wanderings, you’ll encounter additional wine tastings. Finish your tour sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view of the valley from on high.

Artistic Wine Tour

Hall Wines gives visitors a real Napa Valley experience. Owner Kathryn Hall has curated a world-class art collection with displays both inside and outside of the main buildings. Not only can you view sculptures, oil paintings, the famous Chandelier Room and elegant appointments, but you can also gain a thorough education about winemaking. A visit to Hall Wines is an incredible way to get to know the deeper side of winemaking.

Stomp Some Grapes

Harvest time is the best time to visit Grgich Hills Estate. When you come, you’ll learn about how wine is made — right from the field to table. You may even get to process some grapes yourself!

At Grgich Hills Estate, you can stomp grapes just like they did in the old country: with your own two feet. Then, taste a flight of 3 wines and get a t-shirt to take home with your grapey footprints on it! Experience this unique vineyard experience from Labor Day through Halloween.

Wine tasting is just the beginning in the beautiful Napa Valley. Book your accommodations today with Napa Valley Hotel & Suites and explore the adventurous side of life in this beautiful region!

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