5 Signs of a Great Napa Valley Hotel

Booking a hotel room isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s a decision that warrants some careful consideration. If you’re planning a getaway to Napa Valley, for instance, you want to book a room in a nice, comfortable hotel with staff that is happy to meet your requests. So, before you book a hotel, pay attention to these five signs of a great hotel.

1. Accommodating Staff

These days, it’s harder to tell if a hotel has good staff because so many people book a room online and don’t interact with the staff – until it’s time for their vacation. Before you book the room online, call the hotel and ask a question. The staff should be friendly, accommodating and happy to have you. You can also ask about where to find the best deals: online or over the phone.

2. Good Reviews

No hotel is going to have perfect reviews. Still, the overall rating of the hotel should be favorable, and you should do your research by checking several sites. If there are a lot of poor reviews, determine why. If you notice something consistent that people are complaining about – dirty rooms, unhelpful staff – this may indicate an underlying issue. At the minimum, you should read reviews that are happy with the cleanliness, convenience and courtesy of the hotel.

3. Prime Location

Not every good hotel has to be in a prime location, but those that are located in the heart of it all have more competition and more volume, and they must be able to meet these needs. Typically, only the best hotels occupy the convenience of downtown areas. Napa Valley Hotel and Suites, for instance, is located in the heart of historic Old Town Napa. You can’t be that! Plus, it’s helpful to be in a central location because this means less travel for you, which saves time and money.

4. Neat, Clean and Orderly

Look at the pictures that people have posted, as well as photos from the hotel’s website. What do the rooms look like? The lobby? Good hotels are proud of what they have to offer, so you should be able to see how well the hotel keeps up with their rooms, swimming pool, exercise room and lobby. Usually, reviews cover how clean the hotel is since this is one of the most important factors. A good hotel is a clean hotel.

5. Honest Services

What types of amenities are offered when you stay at the hotel? A good hotel will offer you all the right services without feeling a need to charge. Freshly brewed coffee. Extra towels. Free Wi-Fi. Flat screen televisions and luxury linens. Your stay should be comfortable and accommodating, and this should be included in the price you pay.

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Napa Valley Hotel & Suites
is located in Downtown Napa, CA

853 Coombs Street
Napa, CA 94559