5 Incredible Restaurants to Visit in Napa This Spring

Spring is a season of renewal. Days get warmer, flowers bloom, and the Napa Valley erupts with scents and colors that make visitors reluctant to even come inside. But inside you will need to come, at least once in a while, to indulge and enjoy some of our amazing local cuisine. From the Oakville Grocery (which isn’t a grocery store at all) to the Boon Fly Cafe, here’s a few of our most timeless springtime favorites.

Oakville Grocery

No, it isn’t a grocery store! This is a unique small town type diner/restaurant offering all the best in comfort food. Since the 1800s, Oakville Grocery has served as one of our most timeless landmarks here in wine country; it just gets better every year.

When it comes to grabbing a meal on the go, this is where you want to be. Oakville Grocery is fast, but they’re anything but “fast food”. You can eat on the patio while you enjoy the warm weather and sunshine – finish up by taking home a few artisan treats, too. Staff are friendly and more than happy to help you find the perfect dish.

The Restaurant at CIA Copia

With an open kitchen, sleek atmosphere and comfortable, welcoming ambience, the Restaurant at CIA Copia is a pleasure to visit. They offer lunch, dinner, dessert and brunch as a standard, but don’t be afraid to delve into their handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine selections while you’re there. Eat indoors or out – there’s plenty of space. Then, get on with your springtime exploration of Napa or stay and get cozy with a glass of fine wine.


On the go and need a quick bite? Ciccio offers a dressed down meal experience. Visitors love their wood oven pizza and true Italian meals, but there’s plenty of other options for the average visitor if that’s not your thing. Ciccio’s most amazing trait is that they use only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients from Napa; when you eat here, you’re experiencing the best the Valley has to offer.

Boon Fly Cafe

Get your roadhouse on at Boon Fly Cafe. Despite the bright red barn-style building and roadhouse decor, the Boon Fly Cafe is really so much more than just a roadhouse. They offer an incredible array of dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, each served with style and panache. Soups, salads, doughnuts, flatbread sandwiches, fish tacos and all kinds of grilled and smoked meats make it perfect for the whole family.


The PRESS restaurant is a dining experience, rather than just a place to eat. LIke Ciccio, they rely on locally-sourced meat and produce farmed right here in Napa. If you’re a steak-and-seafood lover, this is where you need to be; PRESS specializes in prime beef and sustainable seafood options. They’re also proud to serve a great collection of Napa’s best wines. Come for dinner and stay awhile in a quiet corner while you sip on 2018’s best offerings.

These five restaurants are notable in the Napa Valley because they go over and above to make visitors feel at home. That’s especially desirable in springtime, when explorers and adventurers come to the valley in full force. Won’t you come spend a bit of time with us at Napa Valley Hotel & Suites this year? We’d love to help you plan your itinerary!

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