5 Reasons Why Visiting Napa Valley this Fall is Magical

Sure, Napa Valley is a beauty to behold throughout the year; however fall is when the true wine country magic happens.  There’s almost a scent of mischief in the air, as nature plays tricks on us and completely changes the vineyard landscape from what we’ve grown accustomed to all summer long. 

The warm summer air is replaced with a crisp breeze and the announcement that winter is hiding around the corner.  Even the vine-ripened grapes have a more vivid appeal and a true richness, almost as though each grape is a small jewel waiting to be lifted from its royal home!

While many visitors don’t need concrete reasons to make Napa Valley one of their autumn destinations, here are 5 reasons why we believe this is the most magical time of year:

  1. Grape Crush: the Grape Crush harvest is a celebration of life and growth. Wineries host barrel tastings and wine and cheese events throughout the season.
  2. Traditional seasonal change: for those who miss seeing the fall leaves make their yearly metamorphosis; Napa Valley this fall is the place to be.
  3. Napa Farmer’s Market Specials and Halloween:  find the grandest pumpkin and a scrumptious Halloween bounty at one of the many Farmer’s Markets throughout Napa Valley. 
  4. Holiday shopping previews: beat the crowds and hit the downtown Napa stores for some pre-season holiday shopping.
  5. Embrace the Indian summer: fall is the last time this year to take advantage of warm wine country summer days and cooler nights—it’s the best of both summer and winter wrapped into one season!

Just like a fine wine paired with the perfect brie; complement your visit to Napa Valley by staying at Napa Valley Hotel and Suites.  Our resort-like accommodations are located in the heart of Napa Valley making your fall adventure activities only steps away. 

Reserve your autumn experience today by calling Napa Valley Hotel and Suites at 707-226-1871.

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