4 Summer Wines that Go Perfectly With Seafood

Just because Napa is inland doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy gourmet seafood. In fact, there’s plenty of local restaurants and resorts serving up everything from shrimp to halibut or swordfish and everything between! The only problem is figuring out what kind of wine you need to go along with your light, delicious seafood meal. That’s where this blog post comes in!

Shellfish: 2016 Au Jardin Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Eating freshly shucked oysters, boiled mussels, or crab? We suggest this Napa Sauvignon Blanc. Vibrant citrus notes and delicately light herbal infusions play on the tongue without overwhelming your meal, clearing the palate easily and quickly after each sip. The high acidity is wonderful for bringing out the flavors and balancing them perfectly. It’s also suitable for feta and fresh salads, but you shouldn’t pair it with lobster – we’ll address that next.

Lobster: 2015 Barquette Monterey County Chardonnay

Au Jardin’s Sauvignon Blanc is delightful, but it just isn’t robust enough to handle the richness of lobster – especially if it’s cooked in garlic butter or au gratin. For these meals, switch to Barquette’s Monterey County Chardonnay instead. It’s not technically a Napa wine, but it does a delightful job of supporting the meal without being underwhelming in the face of all those flavors. Notes of almond, citrus, lemon, and pear also make this a decent choice for pasta  and roasted chicken.

Stronger Fish Dishes: 2012 Beachcomber Monterey Pinot Noir

For cedar-planked salmon, Creole dishes, and anything with a bit more kick or heart, it actually makes more sense to pair the dish with a light red. We like this 2012 Beachcomber Monterey Pinot Noir. Even though it’s a stereotypical red, it’s unusually light; this can give the red-lovers in your life more options for seafood pairings. With notes of plum, red currant, red cherry, and rose, it’s also delightfully romantic and fragrant.

Crab and Lobster (#2): 2013 Kongsgaard Napa Valley

At $122, this isn’t a cheap wine – but it’s well worth every cent when paired with particularly fruity seafoods like lobster and crab. Made by John Kongsgaard using a unique proprietary hands-off approach, it is buttery, complex, and strong enough to stand up to even the most seafoody meals. What comes out strongest is apricot, honey, and pear.

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