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3 Perfect Napa Wines for Sunny Springtime Experiences

Spring is  just around the corner, making it the perfect time to book your Napa Valley adventure the second the sun begins to shine. The thought of wine tastings, hiking, relaxing beside the pool, or even just exploring the Valley and all it has to offer is incredible. It’s exactly why thousands flock to Napa every single year to experience it first-hand! A love of all things wine is, of course, also advised.

Whether you’re already booked or you’re planning to book, we want to help you make your excursion the best experience you’ve ever had. And that means helping you discover the very best vintages in all of Napa Valley. Pick any one of these wines to find the perfect match for sunny springtime experiences.

2016 Napa Crest Rose (Yao Family)

Yao Family’s 2016 Napa Crest Rose is a delightfully delicate and beautifully-colored shade of deep pink. It’s almost-salmon hue is much darker than most rose wines, but it’s reflective of the sheer amount of flavor packed inside.

Flavor wise, Crest Rose bursts forth with strawberry, cranberry, and watermelon. Surprisingly, it isn’t overly sweet like some rose wines; instead, it’s quite crisp and almost fresh. At just $28 a bottle, it’s also a steal of a deal.

2015 Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay

Coming from Shafer Wineries, 2015 Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay is another wine with fresh notes, but it has one distinct difference: it’s layered with exotic flavors like crème brulee and mandarin peel. Additional notes of honeydew melon, plantains, pineapple, and slightly sweet honey finish it off to remind one of fresh-baked springtime treats and freshy budding fruit trees.

Drink it with sweet desserts, pair it with whitefish, or sip it alongside fresh chicken salad – it’s versatile enough to be suitable for all of these occasions.

Conclusion Wine’s 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Another true spring and summertime favorite, this Morgaen Lee Vineyard vino boasts delicate notes of white flowers, nectarine and pear. The initial bouquet is quickly followed by crisp melon, zesty orange, and wet stone flavors, with just a slight minerality that keeps it nice and light. It shares similarities with many of New Zealand’s best wines, being satiny on the tongue and crisp.

Conclusion’s Sauvignon Blanc is best paired with light and sweet meals. Have it beside delicate cucumber sandwiches, deli meats, strawberry shortcake, or fresh berry crumble as you relax on the patio at your favorite Napa Valley resort.

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