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Treat yourself to a True Wine Country Experience: Visit Napa when Shelter-in-Place is Lifted

As we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is becoming increasingly apparent that many social distancing norms will remain active for several months. However, authorities across federal, state and county levels have started devising plans to slowly restart the economy and lift the shelter-in-place orders in a staggered and safe manner. Which means, there will soon be a time when you may be able to plan a weekend getaway to the beautiful and scenic Napa Valley. In fact,...

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Access Napa Valley Virtually: Shop Online from a Napa Store or Winery

Your planned getaway to Napa may have been disrupted this year, but it is still possible to access Napa goodies in other ways. Over 45 different Napa wineries are already hosting virtual wine-tasting events to help you enjoy the sipping, swirling, and tasting experience from the comfort and safety of your home. Some wineries are taking orders for curbside pickups or shipping directly to home. Others recommend pouring a glass of the red or white that you have in stock, and joining award-winning...

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Socializing in the Time of Social Distancing? Try Virtual Parties and Game Nights

Currently, every major country in the world is in a partial or complete lockdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are staying indoors, obeying shelter-in-place orders, and following the physical distancing norms recommended by our public health officials. During this time, every family is coping with different challenges. Whether it is cranky toddlers, virtual schooling for kids, work-from-home logistics, or restricted and time-consuming trips to get basic groceries, we are all working...

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What to Expect from a Napa Trip While You are Expecting

Planning a babymoon with your partner or spouse? Excited about a weekend getaway with your all-girl gang? Napa Valley is a promising destination for moms-to-be. Some might wonder, what’s the point of visiting Napa if can’t sample what draws most people to wine country? There is much more to Napa than vineyards and wine-tasting. From epicurean offerings and soul pampering spas, to leisurely nature walks and heart-warming art and music, expectant moms will find plenty of indulgences beyond the...

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