Romantic Napa Vacation

Even if you don’t like wine, there is a lot to be said for a romantic Napa vacation. The scenery alone is enough to create romance. No one says you have to drink wine, but if yo happen to enjoy a glass now and then, you might enjoy tasting something new. In the meantime, you can choose from one of Napa’s romantic hotels before you plan what you are going to do outside the room.

Enjoy Your Own Blend

For those who do enjoy different types of wine, don’t pass up the chance to make your own unique blend. This is one of the most romantic and timeless gestures you can do as a couple. Create a blend of your own at Fontanella Family Winery. You can taste your blend and then order a case of it to keep at home. This is a great choice when you want to savor your Napa memories over time. You can use your wine for anniversaries and other romantic occasions or just sip it when you want to transport your mind back to your romantic getaway.

Take a Train Ride

There are two types of train rides in Napa Valley. One is a short ride on a small train that offers you a view of the valley area. The other is a full size train that does not just take you on a romantic tour of the area, but also offers elegant dining options as well.

Keep it Simple

You’re in wine country, so make the best of it. Step off the beaten path with wine basket and blanket in hand. Take some savory treats along with you to pair with your wine. Relax under a shade tree or select one of the open fields off the path. In either case, you can just enjoy each other’s company undisturbed with a glass of wine in hand.

Your romantic Napa vacation does not have to be expensive, but you do have some luxurious options. It is what you make it, but it is always going to be a bit better with a fresh bottle of wine.

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