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Perfect Wines for the Holiday Season

As the holiday season begins to come around once again, thoughts turn to quality time spent with loved ones and delicious meals. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are both truly special affairs, with many families celebrating New Year’s Day in much the same way. Whether you’re spending time with family or even just good friends, planning out your meal in advance will help to reduce stress and keep you on track. Not sure what wine to select for your guests? Discover the perfect wines for the...

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3 Top Summer Wine Spritzers

Whether you are in Napa Valley or at home with your new wine collection from Napa Valley, you should shake things up a bit and try a few summer wine spritzers. For those of you who plan to opt for a Napa Valley hotel package, ask about the scenery so you can be sure to make one of your spritzers in the hotel on those days when you just want sit around and enjoy the lush beauty that Napa Valley has to offer from your hotel room. Choose the Right Wine When you choose the wine to use in your spritzers,...

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Chilled or Warm? Knowing Which Wines to Chill

There is a standing concept that red wines are to be served at room temperature while white wines are to be served chilled. However, some people prefer their red wines chilled and others debate about how best to chill any kind of a wine. Rest assured that when you make a reservation at a quality Napa Valley hotel, they know how to do it right. At the same time, there are a few simple facts you too should know about chilling wines and the details of the process. Chilling Red or White If you were...

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Correct Way to Sample Wine

Have you ever seen a movie where the actors were sampling wine? They swirl the glance, look deeply at it, and even inhale the aroma with their eyes closed. Whether you are considering a Napa Valley hotel package or you just want to look like you know what you’re doing at a local wine cellar, the information here can help. You don’t have to spend years studying wine to be able to taste it correctly. However, the more experience you have with it, the better you will get at being able...

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