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Winter in the Wineries: Passport 2019-2020

Known for its mud baths, hot springs and wines, Calistoga is home to some of the finest spas and wineries in Napa Valley. If you haven’t visited this town before, winter may be a good time to experience all its facets, comfortably and in style. Whether you are interested in the charming, hillside castle, or quaint, downtown tasting rooms, Calistoga will not disappoint. The town plays host to an annual “Winter in the Wineries” event that ushers in the Cabernet season, and attracts wine lovers...

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When in Napa: Wine Etiquette Tips to Live By

Are you planning on doing some wine tasting in Napa Valley? Many visitors ask us what they can expect when visiting Napa Valley tasting rooms. After working in the hospitality industry for many years, we have a good understanding of which wineries offer the best wine tasting experiences and how to make the most of each visit.  Below are a few etiquette tips to follow when visiting Napa wineries.  Yes, you can dump out wine.  Some people feel rude dumping out wine, but it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings....

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4 Tips for the Best Weekend Napa Trip Ever

So you want to go to Napa, but you only have three days to escape. Maybe you’re coming in for a long weekend or special event – either way, your goal is to enjoy as much of the Valley as you can in a short time period. When time is a factor, it’s all about finding the “best of the best” – here’s a few ideas to get you started. Book a Great Hotel Your accommodations make all the difference when you’re coming into town only briefly. They should be comfortable, easy to access, and willing...

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The Autumn Napa Valley Experience

Knowing the best time to visit Napa Valley depends completely upon what kind of experience you are looking for. Whether you consider it the best time or not, you can’t argue that Autumn is a bad time to visit. Between the landscape, harvest season, and the usual Napa Valley charm, many consider this to be the best time to visit the valley. Harvest Season Late summer and fall mark the season for harvest in wine country. Because of this, there are plenty of festivals and activities, but there...

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