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Why Not Drink Your Napa Valley Wines Instead of Storing Them?

You make it to wine country, pick up a few bottles, and plan to store some at home for the long year. While there is nothing wrong with a bottle or two in the pantry, Napa wines are better served up not too long after they are purchased. Reasons to Indulge Now and Not Store it for Later Instead of storing your Napa wines, here are a few reasons to drink them now rather than later: Temperature Control and Storage: At home, it is unlikely that you have a wine cellar or a perfectly controlled storage...

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Wine Storage Tips

You don’t have to be a professional wine collector or taster to store your wine properly. In fact, in most cases it does not take much effort at all to keep your wine safe from premature aging and grittiness. There is no exact science to the storage method you use unless you do plan to be aging wines or holding serious wine tasting events. Instead, just follow a few guidelines. Constant is Key Constant temperature is the most important element when it comes to wine storage. You don’t...

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